How many RVs have you been inside where the screen door latch is broken? How many have you struggled to open yourself? Many times this is just due to maladjustment, but sometimes the latch is not used and SNAP! It breaks away from the real door. I like the Camco 43953 RV Screen Door Opener for a replacement.

It is a simple installation and allows you to open the door in a variety of ways. So not only can you replace that broken latch but you can make it a bit more functional as well.

I seem to have about 100 bulbs in about 25 different varieties on my RV. The outside “porch” light is always out it seems and I am constantly looking for a new one. I finally broke down and bought the Dorcy 41-1685 RV Emergency Replacement Bulb Kit. It has a variety of lights, a couple I have used in my actual home rather than my motorhome, but many fit right into the spots I need them most. At $8 it costs about as much as 3-4 regular priced bulbs, so it is a bargain.

A simple and effective kit for replacement bulbs in the coach and engine portions of your RV.

We recently took a trip to San Diego and planned to eat every meal “in” the RV. We brought steaks, burgers and chicken. We also brought our Coleman 9941-768 Road Trip Grill (Blue).

It was easy to setup, easy to use and easy to clean. The drip pan was useful and we just placed it on top of the park supplied barbecue grill. We had the hose extension so we just brought along our usual propane tank to supply the gas. It was nice to be able to barbecue on such a clean and close-able container. Sure beats the old briquette and rust flavor we used to get.

My only complaint with the Coleman 9941-768 Road Trip Grill (Blue) is that you could hardly tell the difference between it’s low and high setting. I would just turn off the gas to achieve an even cooking temperature.

It might seem trivial to review the Zwipes Microfiber 36-Pack of Cleaning Cloths but when you are cleaning your RV and trying to relax as much as possible the Zwipes Microfiber 36-Pack of Cleaning Cloths can really help out. Made of micro fiber these things can clean just about anything inside and outside your RV. I do not use them for grease – we want to be able to wash them out, but I use them for washing the rv, wheels, windows and inside surfaces. They work great on windows and leave no streaks as well as on granite counter tops for the same reason.

They seem to be very tough and should have a very long life for a product use to clean stuff up. Picking up a 36 pack should last a year or more of heavy RV cleaning.

Actron CP7875 PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer

Actron CP7875 PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer

Tires get hot, under your hood can get hot, your fridge can NOT get hot. I can think of about 20 uses for the Actron CP7875 PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer in my RV and outside of it. What if one hub is overheating compared with another? You may be able to see if a bearing on a trailer needs attention. My passenger side hub on my boat trailer is constantly 30 degrees warmer than the drivers side (driver of the rv not the boat). I keep an eye on it with the Actron CP7875 PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer. Walk out, point and shoot.

I use it to see if the A/C is working well in my rv, check the temp of the hot water and making sure the fridge is cool before I load it. I almost wonder how I did without it. How else can you check to see how cold the fridge is? A silly thermometer hanging in the fridge is dead after one season and is barely legible months before that. Your fridge should be at 40 degrees or lower by the way.

So we are getting more organized and we have a few options there, but what about compressing the stuff we already store for long periods? You cannot leave towels in your RV for a month without rewashing them right? If you do then they are at least dusty but probably worse.

We use the Pack Mate Compression Bag: Multi-Pack to store these items. You simply place the towels or whatever in the bag, seal it and roll it to get the air out. It works really well and should store for long periods cleanly. No need for a vacuum either!

RV’s usually have plenty of storage – underneath. But what about in the living areas? Sure there is plenty of flat spaces, but taking advantage of that horizontal space is another thing. That is why I like the Ricky Bobby Rick Steves Travel Gear Packing Cube Set. Simple to store when not in use, but providing plenty of room when expanded these are the perfect thing to organize your storage areas.

We use them for cloths (clean) and toys for the kids. Heavy items probably need something a bit sturdier, but for us the Rick Steves Travel Gear Packing Cube Set work great.

When you are in your RV there might not be much counter space in your bedroom or living quarters. Many times we need to get up at a certain time and want to be able to see the time in the middle of the night as well. I like the Chaney Instruments Traveler Alarm Clock for its retro look. It is not retro in that cool sleek functional way, but rather in the retro – my Grandparents had one — type of way. Cool!

Simple and practical the Chaney Instruments Traveler Alarm Clock closes when not in use to make sure it does not get damaged. Small when not needed yet stands up at what seems to be just the right angle.

So while staying at a nice rv park you might decide to use the bath facilities provided. We recently stayed at Anaheim RV Resort and they have outstanding facilities. As nice as the facilities may be you will end up leaving something behind sooner or later. When the wife is buying $40 bottles of shampoo we like to limit the loss.

That’s why we use the Humangear GoToob Travel Bottle. Just put an ounce or two in each bottle and go. No need to share or take turns. If you leave it behind you are only out a few dollars total.

If you can make life a bit easier then why not? Give the Humangear GoToob Travel Bottle a good look.

So what happens when the dryer at the RV park actually does not dry your clothes? You hang them on the awning, you hang then in your RV, you do all sorts of undesirable things. Why not try the Rick Steves Clothesline, White?

It stretches to 7 feet and is braided so you do not need clothespins. Each end is hooped so you can attach it just about anything. At least you will get MORE area to hang your clothes even if it is outside where everyone can see. Simple to store anywhere, just don’t forget where you placed the Rick Steves Clothesline, White.