So we are getting more organized and we have a few options there, but what about compressing the stuff we already store for long periods? You cannot leave towels in your RV for a month without rewashing them right? If you do then they are at least dusty but probably worse.

We use the Pack Mate Compression Bag: Multi-Pack to store these items. You simply place the towels or whatever in the bag, seal it and roll it to get the air out. It works really well and should store for long periods cleanly. No need for a vacuum either!

RV’s usually have plenty of storage – underneath. But what about in the living areas? Sure there is plenty of flat spaces, but taking advantage of that horizontal space is another thing. That is why I like the Ricky Bobby Rick Steves Travel Gear Packing Cube Set. Simple to store when not in use, but providing plenty of room when expanded these are the perfect thing to organize your storage areas.

We use them for cloths (clean) and toys for the kids. Heavy items probably need something a bit sturdier, but for us the Rick Steves Travel Gear Packing Cube Set work great.

When you are in your RV there might not be much counter space in your bedroom or living quarters. Many times we need to get up at a certain time and want to be able to see the time in the middle of the night as well. I like the Chaney Instruments Traveler Alarm Clock for its retro look. It is not retro in that cool sleek functional way, but rather in the retro – my Grandparents had one — type of way. Cool!

Simple and practical the Chaney Instruments Traveler Alarm Clock closes when not in use to make sure it does not get damaged. Small when not needed yet stands up at what seems to be just the right angle.

So while staying at a nice rv park you might decide to use the bath facilities provided. We recently stayed at Anaheim RV Resort and they have outstanding facilities. As nice as the facilities may be you will end up leaving something behind sooner or later. When the wife is buying $40 bottles of shampoo we like to limit the loss.

That’s why we use the Humangear GoToob Travel Bottle. Just put an ounce or two in each bottle and go. No need to share or take turns. If you leave it behind you are only out a few dollars total.

If you can make life a bit easier then why not? Give the Humangear GoToob Travel Bottle a good look.

So what happens when the dryer at the RV park actually does not dry your clothes? You hang them on the awning, you hang then in your RV, you do all sorts of undesirable things. Why not try the Rick Steves Clothesline, White?

It stretches to 7 feet and is braided so you do not need clothespins. Each end is hooped so you can attach it just about anything. At least you will get MORE area to hang your clothes even if it is outside where everyone can see. Simple to store anywhere, just don’t forget where you placed the Rick Steves Clothesline, White.

So if you aren’t too cool on the whole ironing board in the RV thing and you just need something simple and quick you can go with the Polder 43006 Travel Ironing Blanket, Silver/White.

It is similar to using a towel to protect your table or couch while you iron, but it actually works. I would still be careful about which surface I use the Polder 43006 Travel Ironing Blanket, Silver/White on, but it claims it is pretty protective. I like how an ironing board gives me an edge to through a sleeve over, but this is a good alternative.

Well if you already picked up the ironing board you need a nice small iron. Two things made us pick the Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron, White:

  1. Its compact
  2. I was tired of bringing one from the house and leaving it in the RV!

So it feels solid, I can steam my clothes with it. What else can I want?

When you spend any amount of time in your RV you will find that you are beginning to use the laundry at the rv park. These Laundry facilities can sometimes leave a bit to desire. Like dryers that eat quarters instead of drying. Things like that.

At some point you will need to iron your clothes. I like the Camco 43904 RV Folding Ironing Board for that purpose. Simple easy and just big enough to iron a shirt or pair of pants without being too large to store easily in my smallish RV.

We are going to continue the posts on “living in the RV” this month so stay tuned.