I like to sleep in on the weekends and I use my RV on the weekends most of the time. This means that I dont like the sun coming in until as late as possible. The upper vent in our class C seems to let the light in the earliest so we purchased a Camco 40171 Slip Stop Vent Insulator not so much for insulation from cold or hot, but from the light. It completely blocks the light up front now and we can get an extra few Zs.

Living in Arizona though the vents are a source of heat inside the rv and the Camco 40171 Slip Stop Vent Insulator is a great insulator. It is really like a big pillow that fits in the vent. We leave ours in 24X7 and it hasnt fallen out yet. Hot or cold it is a good insulator – sunlight too.

Carol and I bought an RV early on that had no awning. Boy were we happy when we finally decided to add on a Carefree Fiesta 16 Vinyl Awning . It was a simple matter of ordering it and then having a local RV shop put it in (I think I could have done it myself). The length of the cover is just how far apart the bottom mounts can be. We went from just behind the passenger door in our class C to all the way back to the rear of the coach! While our Carefree Fiesta 16 Vinyl Awning is actually more of a green color, this picture is pretty close.

It is easy to put down and up with two people – takes a couple back and forths with one person alone, but can still be up or down in 1 minute or less!

There is nothing harder than keeping your RV clean inside. Even though we have vacuums inside our rvs we still seem to manage to bring in the little pebbles that are such a pain. With a good 9 x 12 Reversible Patio Mats this can be kept to a minimum though.

Carol and I like these 9 x 12 Reversible Patio Mats because they arent too large and they are easy to clean off. We dont really reverse it too much, we keep one side down everywhere we go. But when we are ready to pack up we just shake off the rug and fold it back up and we are on our way. We have the green 9 x 12 Reversible Patio Mats and it looks great with out patio cover.

Sometimes you just want to relax under some shade and sip your favorite drink while the kids play. We really like the “OASIS” Aluminum Picnic Table With Four Chairs because it folds up very nicely and compact, it comes with four chairs and an umbrella that fits into the center hole of the table.

What more could you want from a table and chairs for your RV or boat outing? Be sure to check out the “OASIS” Aluminum Picnic Table With Four Chairs for your next trip – we really like it.