Since many RVers travel with a trailer, boat or some other sort of toweable you need a backup camera. Unless your RV has one installed these cameras can be expensive to have installed. Jason didn’t like that many of the monitors for RVs are CRT which means they are LARGE.

That is why we installed the Wireless Back-Up Camera System with Color LCD Monitor. Easy to install. It just needs 12V power and for the camera we used the running lights. The monitor also needs power which we tapped into the fuse box. It works great, has little interference and is usually crystal clear. If we could add one thing it would be infrared lighting.

Carol and I love these RV Double Cupboard Bar s for keeping everything in its place while travelling. It never fails that when you stop and open a cupboard something has shifted and falls out. With kids or pets in the RV this be dangerous and sometimes just messy.

These RV Double Cupboard Bar s are easy to install and remove when loading. We just leave them in place most of the time and they look nice, neat and clean. No more food falling on your head or dishes crashing to the floor!

We RV with two kids and sometimes three. Toys are everywhere! These hampers aren’t only good for storing clothing and carrying it to the laundry, but also serve as excellent toy boxes in your RV!

They are easily moved from inside to out and collapse when the trip is over. They can be cleaned and resued for a variety of purposes. We usually have at least two in the RV at anytime.

Be sure to throw everything for the pool into one of these Mesh Pop-Up Hamper s because it is just that easy!

We really like the Audiovox VE927 Ultra Slim 9″ LCD Drop Down TV with Built-in Slot Load DVD Player for those RVs without the huge TVs up front. It mounts under the cabinet, folds out of the way, plays DVDs, Cable, Antenna – everything you need to save space in an RV and still enjoy those DVDs.

Kids love it because you can hook headphones to it and watch the Audiovox VE927 Ultra Slim 9″ LCD Drop Down TV with Built-in Slot Load DVD Player while driving. It really isnt a RV Gadget for Camping as much as it is an RV Gadget for relaxing!

There are several reasons we love the TastePURE 40645 RV & Marine Water Filter. First it makes the water taste better. Second it makes us feel better about the water we bring into our RV. We clean our RV Tanks each month, replace our hoses, but we cannot control the water we put into the RV. Now with the TastePURE 40645 RV & Marine Water Filter we can clean it at least! As far as RV Gadgets for Camping goes this is top of the list. Safer drinking in your RV that tastes great!

These Safety 1st Snug-Fit Bedrail are ideal for traveling with small children. They can be used on the overcab bed or at your bed-table so your small children won’t fall out when sleeping. We particularly like them for our 1 year old but we have used them when we have two kids up top as well. They are easy to setup and dont take up too much space when removed each morning – we usually stick them in the shower.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Garmin Nuvi you should. Carol and I love our Garmin 2720 GPS and recently had a chance to check out the smaller more versatile NuVi from Garmin.

This is what we liked:
Plays MP3s and Audio books, Rechargeable, portable Bluetooth for phone calls. You can load up in inexpensive SD card with photos and music and have the NuVi play and display them as well. Overall for an RVer this is a great device. Anyone Geocache? You cant do it with our Garmin 2720, but you can do it with the NuVi!