Once I opened the fridge after a short trip and had a 12 ounce soda drop onto my large toe. It ruined the weekend and was completely unecessary after finding these fridge bars.

Simply install them on each rack, double check the door closing as you are ready to go. Be sure not place them to high on the rack or you wont get anything out. Also at about $4 each they are a great deal.

We really hate having to take our bathroom step outside to help us reach that first step on the ladder of our RV. We dont get on the top of our RV very often, but when we do it is nice to have this extension ladder. There are plenty of others on the market, but this RV extension ladder seems to have the best grip and footprint that we have used. For thos RV’ers who store a lot of stuff on the top of their RV this would be a must have!

If you dont have hydraulics on your rv then you are very familiar with scissor jacks or proping your rv on wood or something to get it level. The manufacturer of these RV Levelers say that they are good for the appliances as they rely on being level to work efficiently. I think it is just really nice to sleep on a level surface! Check them out. We really like how compact they are and orange. In a pinch they can be a tossing toy for an older child or a safety device!