We love this set stainless steel 10 piece tool set with aluminum case. It is easy to keep all of your outdoor BBQ tools in one place and never forget where each one is. Ours came with several skewers as well as the essentials for an outdoor BBQ. Check it out, place it with your grill and never forget a BBQ tool again!

I love this thing! It runs on 8 D cell batteries, has a remote and is florescent! It is just an awesome lighting solution for just outside the reach of your RV lights. Really what we use it for is to place farther away from the RV so that bugs dont get to us, but we can still enjoy the light a bit.

It lasts for 40 hours or more which is plenty for a trip of a week or so. The remote is great for just leaving it out wherever you place it and shutting it off just after you enter the RV for the night. It is also pretty neat to be able to turn on the light in a remote location from the RV when you hear something and the wife makes you go take a look.

Hang the bear bait near this one and save your tent or RV the trouble!!

This has got to be the best navigation we have used so far. I have personally used this in my RV and it works great. You can take it from your RV to your tow vehicle as well. What makes this the best GPS on the market for an RVer? We already mentioned the portability. But there is also the extreme ease of use – it is so simple to enter or find information. We have seen this from $750 to over $1000!

Garmin 2720