About all RVers have had an inverter at one time or another. On the road we want to use our laptop or DVD player we plug it in a hope it doesnt overload. Well we had a chance to pick up the Pocket Inverter from Xantrex and it is top of the line.

In addition to all the usual features it also includes a USB charging port for those iPods and other devices! Pretty cool stuff for such a small (and inexpensive) package!

Yep we are still thinking food and with our review came a set of Coleman Dining plates and bowls etc. There are plenty of other sets out there, but we are Rvers and not necessarily camping and we dont need to look like campers.

This set is just the thing to maintain the segregation. Plenty for everyone and a great blue look as well.

Since we are on the outside relaxing and cooking theme these days we got ahold of some silver flatware from Coleman (one of our favorite manufacturers).
Almost inexpensive enough to throw away when you are done this is the perfect set to take with to the beach with your Coleman Stove and Chair set.

Plenty for a family or group and in a nice clean wrap for transporting. Just dont wrap them back up really dirty or you will soil the case.

Sometimes you just want to get out of the RV and cook. We like to use a variety of cooking methods, but none is as easy as the Portable Camping Stove by Burton. Easy to use, easy to pack and we like it for cooking outside when the weather is just right.

We know how RVers like to relax in the shade on those warm Florida or Arizona evenings and this chair is great for that. It is also handy to take to the beach. More often than not a good lounger is too heavy to lug to the beach or anywhere far from the RV and if it is too lightweight it isnt comfortable enough.

We think this one is just right:

My wife hates it when she gets out of the front passenger door and has rain dripping down the side of the RV. The little rain strip installed on most RVs just doesn’t cut it and it certainly doesn’t guide the rain away like the rain gutter does. This addition is meant for rainy times only, it installs easily and is something you would certainly appreciate if you are camped for any period of time in one location.

We love having the privacy of a full windshield cover in our RV. Easy to install and remove for any Class C, this provides you darkness and privay when camping. We place ours on each time we park – anywhere. What thieves cannot see they cannot steal.

If you own a Class A Motorhome or are considering purchasing one, then this is certainly th ebook for you. RV 101 has always been a great source of information detailed and to the point.

RV the movie is a funny tale of a family who unwillingly gets suckered into Rving by their father – Robin Williams.

Just a funny show especially if you are watching in your RV.

So check this out. An RV that carries a car in its belly. Forget anything else you had in mind for that weekend trip! Full timers will delight that you can only take a low profile sports car down there.

I didnt know Germany had RVs ;)